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The 19th International Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC 2014)

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Venue: Beijing International Convention Center,China
time: April 28-30, 2014
Booth No: 133 & 134


The 19th International Exhibition for Electromagnetic Compatibility & Microwave & Test and Measurement (EMC2014) approved by the China Ministry of Commerce (Commercial Services Trade Batch [2013] No. 873) and sponsored by the China Electrotechnical Society (CES) will take place from 28th to 30th April 2014 at Beijing International Convention Center in China.
Launched in 1990, the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) exhibition has already successfully held for 18 times with meticulous cultivation of 20 years by CES. As the most influential professional, authoritative industry event in China, it has been definitely regarded by the industry crowd and been highly recognized by the majority of users and engineers and researchers with their careers in this field.
Since the first EMC exhibition, according to incomplete statistics, total exhibition area is almost to 450,000 m2, exhibitors is more than 1,500, technical exchanges and symposiums are 350 times and visitors access to 150,000, which obtained the universal praise of domestic and international enterprises and customers.
With continuing expansion of researches and applications on EMC, microwave, and testing measurement technology, EMC2014 is devoted to display and promote the latest developments in electromagnetic compatibility and microwave technology, testing measurement techniques. It will invite nearly a hundred well-known EMC, microwave technology, testing measurement technology manufacturers, distributors, testing certification bodies and laboratories from Europe, America and Asia-Pacific region.
During the exhibition period, the corresponding market development forum will be held. Leaderships of the relevant state departments, well-known experts and scholars on related technology industry will be invited to report in the forum. In the same period, 2014 China Information Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility and Anti-interference Technology Forum will also be organized, including the special forums of related topics as smart grid, new energy automotive, aerospace, medical devices, information and communication, etc. According to exhibitor requirements, the related special technological exchanges and seminars will run.
We sincerely invite all industry enterprises, research units and product certification bodies to participate in this exhibition. To expand exhibition influence, we will join with domestic and foreign technology community and professional media to build the exhibition platform and provide the exhibition a broader development space by widely publicity. Following the principle of "Premier Service, Fine Management", we have full confidence and enough ability to make EMC2014 become a high-level industry event.

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