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高速BNC多功能模块USB-1602HS和USB-1604HS系列 USB-1602HS and USB-1604HS Series
High-Speed BNC Multifunction Modules USB-1602HS and USB-1604HS Series - 2 or 4 analog inputs - 16-bit resolution - 1.33 MS/s or 2 MS/s simultaneous...
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USB-2404系列,电压、温度和基于电桥的输入模块 USB-2404,24-Bit Modules for Voltage, Temperature or Bridge-Based Sensors
Key Highlights - 4 analog inputs - Measure voltage up to ±60 V - Measure thermocouples, RTD, resistance, or bridge-based sensors - Up to 50 kS/s s...
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TT TorqueTrak Revolution Torque and Power
The TorqueTrak Revolution Series is a torque and power monitoring and control system that features inductive (non-contact) power and data transfer for...
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USB接口数字I/O USB interface digital I/O counter/timer
USB interface digital I/O counter/timer...
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USB/以太网 USB/Ethernet interface relay control digital I/O
USB/Ethernet interface relay control digital I/O...
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USB-1616HS USB-1616HS
The USB-1616HS delivers outstanding performance and a wide variety of analog input, and digital and frequency I/O in one compact and low-cost package....
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TT10K扭矩遥测系统 TT10K Torque Telemetry System
- The receiver has the simulation and the digital output, maydemonstrate the output the voltage value; - Transmitter firmer, the installment is more...
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Personal Personal Daq/50™ Series USB Data Acquisition Modules
Personal Daq with removable terminal block...
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