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增强型脉冲模式微波/卫星链路分析仪(BMLA+) Burst Mode Link Analyzer Plus (BMLA+)
Wideband high data rate signals are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s communications environments. These signals have very narrow bit widths...
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IFR 6840 Series Microwave System Analyzers
6840 series Microwave System Analyzers provide an integrated solution to system, subsystem and component testing. ...
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2965A无线电综合测试仪 2965A Radio Test Set
A high performance and comprehensive radio test set that provides fast tests for increased throughput....
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2966A/2967无线电综合测试仪 2966A/2967 GSM Radio Test sets
A high performance GSM 900 analog radio tester that provides fast test speeds and very accurate measurements. This product can be use in conjunction w...
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