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464kB 464kA High Density Signal Switching Solutions
The 464kA is a reliable solid-state switch matrix system that provides computer controlled analog signal switching between 256 inputs and 256 outputs,...
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高性能8或16通道滤波、放大系统PF-1U-FA Precision PF-1UA-FA High Performance 8 or 16-Channel Filter/Amplifier Systems
The PF-1UA-FA High Performance Multi-Channel Programmable Filter/Amplifier System is ideal for conditioning low-level voltage in front of high-resolut...
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28000系列信号调理系统 Precision 28000 Signal Conditioning System
The Precision 28000 Signal Conditioning System provides up to 256 channels of fully programmable transducer conditioning. Condition a mix of bridge, c...
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WBK系列扩展模块 WBK Series Signal Conditioning & Expansion Options
WBK Series for the WaveBook, and ZonicBook...
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AS2503单通道 AS2503 single channel high accuracy wide band strain amplifier
AS2503 single channel high accuracy wide band strain amplifier...
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AL1301单通道 AL1301
single channel high accuracy high pressure optical fiberisolation amplifier...
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AP11系列信号调理模块 AP11 Input Amplifiers
AP11 Input Amplifiers...
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DBK系列信号调理及扩展选件 DBK Signal Conditioning and Expansion Options
for the LogBook, DaqBook, DaqOEM, DaqLab, DaqBoard, and DaqScan ...
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