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precision measurement of resistors, fuses, thermo-electric coolers, connectors, fine wire switches, thermistors and other low-inductance, resistive de...
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任意波形发生器 Waveform Generators
Waveform variety punctuates the scientific area of application. Uses range from LCD testing, SEM lithography, ultrasonic wafer cleaning, semiconductor...
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MEMS微型引擎驱动器系统9070 Model 9070 - MEMS Engine Driver System
The high-voltage, multi-channel, totally integrated MEMS engine driver system. ...
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通用仪器仪表 General instrument
Micro-Ohmmeters Ohm Meters LCR Meters / Impedance Bridges Humidity & Temp Transmitters Humidity & Temp Controllers Thermocouple Thermometer...
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加速度传感器交流电源系统9011A Pragmatic Model 9011A, Accelerometer Power Supply System
The TEGAM-Pragmatic 9011A AC Power Supply System is a highly stable, low-distortion, high-power, multi-channel signal source designed to test gyroscop...
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TORnadO扭转振动分析系统 Tornado komplettsystem zur torsions und drehschwingungsanalyse
TORnadO wird sowohl stationär (an Antriebsstrang-prüfständen) als auch unter rauen Bedingungen (im Fahrzeug) eingesetzt. Drehzahl-, Analog-,...
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ZonicBook/618E ZonicBook/618E Portable Vibration Analysis & Monitoring System
Vibration analysis and monitoring has never been easier than with the new ZonicBook/618E™ and eZ-Series™ analysis and monitoring softwa...
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WaveBook WaveBook/516E Ethernet-Based Portable High-Speed Waveform Acquisition
The WaveBook/516E is ideal for measuring dynamic signals in portable and laboratory applications...
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