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Amrel可编程直流电子负载 Amrel PEL Series Programmable DC Electronic Load
AMREL's PEL Series of "Low-power" dc Electronic eLoads, designed for your daily testing needs, offers affordable value, dynamic pulse shaping, auto-se...
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AMREL可编程直流电子负载 AMREL FEL Series Programmable DC Electronic Load
AMREL's FEL Series of "Low-voltage" dc Electronic eLoads offer affordable, compact rackmount-ready programmable loads for high-current dissipation at ...
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Elgar Elgar ReFlex Power™ System Controller
Programmable System Controller The ReFlex Power™ (RFP™) System Controller (RFPC) provides a single command and status communication port ...
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Elgar Elgar ReFlex Power™ Load Modules
High Density Programmable Load Modules • High Voltage (500V) Input • Digital control loop technology • Two models: 375 W & 750 W ...
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Elgar Modular Programmable AC/DC/Loads Power System
Elgar ReFlex Power™ Series - Modular Programmable AC/DC/Loads Power System • Truly Modular Design • 100% Digital System ̶...
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Sorensen Sorensen DC and AC/DC Electronic Loads(SL Series)
• Flexible Product Line - Low power DC modules - Low power AC modules - High power DC, • Remote: GPIB, RS-232, Analog • DC Mode...
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高功率/大电流直流电子负载 4760 High-Power/High-Current Electronic Loads
- 120V, 1kW/200A to 36kW/7200A - 18 Voltage, Current, Power and Timing Measurements - Complex load profile playback - Air cooling...
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可编程交流负载―3091LD系列 Electronic AC Loads - 3091LD Series
The 3091LD is designed to provide precisely controlled non-linear loads for testing AC power generation equipment such as UPS抯, AC sources, electrical...
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