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手机SAR测试系统 SAR (Specific Absoption Rate)
Indexsar's SARA2 system is designed for compliance testing of wireless products for SAR assessment according to the various standards applicable....
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远场测试 Far-Field
Far-Field criterion is r=2D2/λ, in which r means the range length, D is the largest dimension of the source or AUT and λ is the wavelength of the the ...
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近场测试 Near Field
Near Field criterion is the length of the test range which means the distance between the NF test probe to the AUT surface is approximately at 3λ 5λ....
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紧缩场测试 Compact Range
Compact range creates a plane wave field at distance considerably shorter than it is needed under conventional Far-Fiel criterion. In the compact rang...
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天线罩测试 Radome Measurement
Radome measurements are performed in order to characterize the electrical parameters of the radome. The most commonly measured parameters are the rado...
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