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Willtek 4100 Mobile Fault Finder
Aumenta la eficiencia de las pruebas en los puntos de devolución Más de la mitad de los teléfonos móviles que se devuelven por problemas no están rea...
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Willtek 3100 Mobile Fault Finder
El 3100 Mobile Fault Finder ha sido diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades de la realización de pruebas funcionales en los puntos de retorno ...
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Willtek 4200 Mobile Service Tester Series
The Willtek 4200 Series phone testers are available in two versions, each offering different levels of testing. Both models test the latest range of G...
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Willtek 4202R Mobile Service Tester
Based on the Willtek 4200, the Willtek 4202R Mobile Service Tester is dedicated to new features and frequency bands introduced by GSM-R, the railway c...
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Willtek 4208 Off-Air Mobile Tester
The new 4208 Off-Air Mobile Tester has been specifically designed to measure over longer distances over the air without a cable connecting the tester ...
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Willtek 4300 Mobile Service Tester Series
The Willtek 4300 Mobile Service Tester series is specifically designed to meet the needs of service centres which repair, align and verify AMPS, NAMPS...
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Willtek 4400 Mobile Phone Tester Series
Willtek’s 4400 Mobile Phone Testers are the most cost-effective test solution for those in wireless manufacturing test, service test and handset repai...
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Willtek 4032 STABILOCK
Testing different types of mobile phones has never been so fast and easy. The 4032 STABILOCK is the only communication test set that enables you to as...
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