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WX2182双通道2.1GS/s采样率高性能任意波形/信号发生器 2.1GS/s Dual-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
- Dual Channel 2.1GS/s waveform generator,configurable as separate or synchronized channels - Inter-channel skew control form-3ns to +3ns with 10 ps...
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50ps和100ps计数器/时间间隔测试仪/分析仪CNT-91和CNT-90 Timer/Counter/Analyzer & Calibrator CNT-91/CNT-90
- CNT-90 Timer/Counter/Analyzer - CNT-91 & CNT-91R Timer/Counter/Analyzer & Calibrator...
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8通道GPS信号模拟发生器GSG-54 GSG-54 8-channel GPS Simulator
GPS Navigational Fix, Position, and Timing Testing. The Pendulum GSG-54 is an affordable 8-channel GPS Signal Simulator, providing fast yet comprehe...
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GPS控制的时间频率标准GPS-88和GPS-89 GPS Metrology Rubidium Frequency Standard GPS-88 & GPS-89
- GPS-88 GPS Metrology Frequency Standard - GPS-89 GPS Metrology Rubidium Frequency Standard Deliver precision frequency and time reference with the...
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GPS控制的频率标准(铷钟频率标准)GPS-12/GPS-12R GPS-12R Portable GPS Rubidium Frequency Standard
Pendulum GPS-12R Portable Frequency Standard offers traceable Cesium-like stability at a very attractive price. Synchronized to the GPS satellite syst...
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微波频率计(微波频率计数器)/分析仪CNT-90XL Microwave Counter/Analyzer CNT-90XL
The Pendulum CNT-90XL Microwave Counter/Analyzer is an excellent tool for measurement,analysis and calibration of Microwave Frequency and Power. Wheth...
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高级室外型便携频谱分析仪 HighEnd Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer
HighEnd Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer SPECTRAN® HF-XFR Worldwide first "military-standard" Spectrum Analyzer!...
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增强型脉冲模式微波/卫星链路分析仪(BMLA+) Burst Mode Link Analyzer Plus (BMLA+)
Wideband high data rate signals are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s communications environments. These signals have very narrow bit widths...
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