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H+S衰减器 H+S Attenuator
Attenuator: value of fixed attenuator from 1db to 30db, frequency up to 40G, power handing up to 50W....
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Pasternack Pasternack Attenuators / RF Components
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表贴衰减片 SMT attenuator
we offers a wide selection of power chipand flanged attenuators for use in amplifiercircuits in both stripline and microstrip packages, as well as Ter...
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低互调衰减器 Low IM Attenuators
Aeroflex / Weinschel offers many of it's standard medium and high power fixed attenuators and terminations with a low intermodulation option. Units wi...
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中,高功率衰减器 Medium & High Power
Medium & High Power...
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低功率衰减器 Low Power attenuators
dc-40 GHz 1-10 Watts...
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可编程衰减器 GaAs and Pin Switched Programmable Attenuators
GaAs and Pin Switched Programmable Attenuators...
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可编程衰减器-机电开关控制 Relay Switched Programmable Attenuators
Relay Switched Programmable Attenuators...
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