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WiMax基带芯片 End-to-End Solutions for Mobile WiMAX
Runcom is an Israel-based pioneer of Broadband Wireless System-on-Chip for Subscriber and Base Stations terminals based on standard-compatible OFDMA&...
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表贴负载 SMT terminaion
we offers a wide selection of power chipand flanged attenuators for use in amplifiercircuits in both stripline and microstrip packages, as well as Ter...
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表贴电阻 SMT Resistor
High Power Chip, Aluminum Nitride and Beryllium Oxide (BeO) in 50 and 100 Ohm configurations. ...
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芯片电容 Chip Capacitors
Chip Capacitors...
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梁式引线电容 Beamlead Capacitors
Applications: DC Blocks Bypass Filters Matching ...
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毫米波电容 Mill-waveCapacitors
Applications: DC Blocks Bypass Filters Matching...
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SMT电容 SMT capacitors
Applications: DC Blocks Filters Matching Bypass ...
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梁式引线二极管 Mesa BeamLead Diode
Applications: Switches Modulators Phase Shifters...
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