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H+S H+S Coupler
H+S Coupler:include hybrid and directional coupler, narrow band and broadband, less than 3G and 100W....
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H+S H+S Cable assemblies
Cable assemblies: LISCA series cable which has low intermodulation and low insertion loss, SUCOTEST series cable which has High Performance suit for t...
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H+S H+S Splitters
Splitters: Superior RF performance, low return and insertion loss, 2-way, 3-way and 4-way configurations, equal and unequal splitter. Frequency from 3...
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H+S衰减器 H+S Attenuator
Attenuator: value of fixed attenuator from 1db to 30db, frequency up to 40G, power handing up to 50W....
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H+S H+S Terminator
Terminator: provide Varity of connector, frequency and power can up to 40G and 100W....
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H+S适配器 H+S Adapter
Adapter: Varity of connector mutual conversion, frequency can up to 65G. ...
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H+S H+S EMP Protection components
EMP Protection components are available for applications in the frequency range from DC to 18 GHz. Many of our patented products have set world-wide i...
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ACC ACC Limiter
PIN diode limiter, operate frequency range up to 40GHz, handle from 1W CW to 100W CW. available in coaxial or stripline modules, hermetic seal and hi...
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