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This is a unique universal up converter which covers any frequency for RF & LO 5 to 20 GHz and IF frequency range of 300 to 3000MHz. The filters are d...
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This is a unique universal down converter which covers any frequency for RF & LO 5 to 20 GHz and IF frequency range of 200 to 2000MHz. The filters...
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无源器件 Waveguide & Passive Components
Continental Microwave & Tool offers a complete line of waveguide and passive components. CMT has the capability and capacity to design, fabricate, ass...
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波导附件 Waveguide Accessories
Continental Microwave & Tool has a complete line of rectangular and double ridge waveguide accessories....
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Model Model 8501
Aeroflex / Weinschel's 8501 Series provides front-panel and computer control for up to two channels of high power RF switching (Figure 1), where RF si...
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开关矩阵 Switch matrices
Switch matrices are being modularly designed which allows the end customer to order a variety of 8 x 8 or 8 x 16 configurations with only minor factor...
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可编程衰减器 Attenuator units
Aeroflex / Weinschel’s 8310 & 8311 (New) Series SmartStep Attenuator Units represent a new concept in programmable attenuation for bench test and subs...
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信道仿真 Signal simulation
Aeroflex / Weinschel designs and manufactures multi-pathattenuation subsystems for fading / simulation of a broadrange of applications and subsystems....
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