Basic GNU Radio

Basic tutorials to get familiar with GNU Radio

Document Before Diving into GNU Radio
GNU Radio requires both strong computer skills and extensive knowledge on communications and digital signal processing. This article lists some useful resources including textbooks, web links, and online tutorials. The purpose of this tutorial is to help GNU Radio fans prepare for this exciting tool.
Document Entering the World of GNU Radio
This article provides an overview of the GNU Radio toolkit for building software radios. This tutorial is a modified version of Eric Blossom''s article ''Exploring GNU Radio''. The concepts of software-defined radio and the basics of signal processing will be introduced. We are going to enter the exciting world of GNU Software Radio!
Document Python and the FM Receiver Code Line by Line -- Part I
Python plays a key role in GNU Radio programming. This article is focused on the Python level, introducing the basic usage of Python and how Python is used in GNU Radio to glue all the signal processing blocks and control the flow of the digital data. A popular example, the implementation of an FM receiver with GUI, will be used here. The code is analyzed line by line.
Document Graph, Blocks & Connecting
We have seen how the family of top block classes brings great convenience and flexibility to the high level signal processing scheduling and organizing. Basically, a top block accommodates several signal sources, sinks and signal processing blocks then connects them together to form a complete application flow graph. In this article, we aim at investigating the subtleties of the top block class at a deeper level.
Document Exploring the FM Receiver
In the previous FM Receiver tutorial, we skipped the discussion of how the FM signal is demodulated, leaving the ''guts'' as a black box. In this article, the real signal processing techniques for demodulating the FM signal are introduced. We will dig into this black box and see how the signal is processed in the software world.
Document Python and the FM Receiver Code Line by Line - Part II
We continue our discussion on the FM example The usage of the GUI tools in GNU Radio, which are built upon wxPython, will be examined. The basic form of GNU Radio GUI applications is described along with the placing soft spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes. If you are interested in using or developing the GUI tools, this article will be helpful.